17 things

Here are 17 random facts about me. Why 17? Because I’m going to be 17 this year 🙂 Here goes!

  1. My middle name is Elisabeth & sometimes I wish it was my first name because no one can ever pronounce Angelyn correctly.
  2. Pink & brown and purple & gray are my favorite color combinations.
  3. I love the beach! (Even though we never go there, I just love the sand, and the waves and the sun on my head.)
  4. I’m kind of a neat freak and I like to keep my room super clean.
  5. I try to bake or cook something just about everyday.
  6. On 11-11-11, I turned 16. How cool is that? 🙂
  7. I have more siblings than cousins. (Seriously, I have 7 siblings & 6 cousins.)
  8. I love spring and fall! Summer is nice too, just a little too hot!
  9. I like boots, dresses, scarves and basically all clothes. I really like to shop! 🙂
  10. Music makes me happy.
  11. Long car rides relax me (unless I get carsick).
  12. I absolutely love driving so far!
  13. I really like to take walks.
  14. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of pizza. Like, I could eat it all day, everyday.
  15. I love being an aunt and I really love babysitting my nephew & niece! ♥
  16. I’m 5’6″, which really isn’t that tall, so I must have short friends because I’m taller than mostly all of them.
  17. I love decorative stuff like vases and pictures and wall hangings & I heart candles!

So there you have it, 17 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


Ange ♥


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