Highlights of, tidbits about, and a look into my week:

1. I designed a new logo/header for my blog. I know, it looks kind of amateur, so I’m hoping to maybe make a new one soon.

2. My weekend: joined Foodbuzz (send me a friend request!), aunt + cousins slept over, actually started following some blogs on tumblr, and ate only junk food on Saturday (except dinner).

3. I spent my entire Saturday baking: baked & frosted cinnamon buns in the morning (post coming soon! here!), made chocolate-covered stuffed strawberries (post coming soon here!), and made pies (another post coming soon here)!

4. I walked my grandma’s dog and took my nephew with me. We saw this couple walking two little dogs (my grandma has a lab, a big one!) and Oliver (my grandma’s dog) started FLIPPING OUT! He went crazy and started rushing at the little dogs and they just walked on by.

5. I just saw my cousin and literally just burst into obnoxiously loud laughter for no apparent reason. And he was like ‘Ange.. you just like laughing. At yourself. For no reason. But laughing is good!’

6. One day, I want to just make a list of life goals. They could be anything from getting the perfect pair of boots, to giving myself an olive oil hair treatment to going to culinary arts school. But I’d really just like to make myself a list of to-do’s. I work best when I set goals for myself.

7. Please, go check these girls out! They’re amazing and the music is the best! I really like them!

8. My sister got some super-cute boots and now I really want to get a new pair of boots! Wah. Haha.

9. I’m starving and really craving cookies, so I’m going to go make some. 🙂



Ange ♥


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