My week’s been like this:

1. My grandma left on Thursday for a doctor’s appointment, got her boot & cast off, went to stay with a friend for a week, got an infection in her eye, had to go back to the doctor, and now needs to stay at the friend’s house till Monday so she can go back to the doctor. Someone’s a little bit accident prone? Hehe, kidding (about her being accident prone, not the whole story; it’s all true)!

2. I’ve realized that I have very little clothing that actually fits me. I wish I had money to go shopping. Wah! Once again, kidding. I’d never cry about not being able to go shopping! (well, maybe…) Hahaha.

3. I also wish that I had money to go to Subway and buy like 20 Chicken Bacon Ranch subs on flat bread. Toasted. With shredded cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Yes. Please?

4. On Saturday, my sister & I walked to this little pizza place near our house. We ate pizza and drank ice tea and talked. And it was fun. And hopefully we’re going to do it again this weekend! 🙂

5. My little brother & sister have art class every Monday night and I just crack up every time I think about it because there is only one other kid in the class beside them. HAHAHA! Awkward. Fail!

6. Ah, my laptop is driving me crazy! The screen keeps flicking. And I’m not sure why! (maybe because I dropped it off my bed one time?  but that was a really long time ago, and the flickering just started!) Ugh, so frustrating. I think I need to take it to get fixed. Along with both of my cameras. (One of them just randomly stopped working, it was kind of old; and the other got sand in it while we were in the Outer Banks last year.) I can’t be trusted around electronics apparently. Hahaha.

7. Tonight we’re having dinner over at my brother & sister-in-law’s. So excited! 🙂 We haven’t had a family dinner in long time, too long. It should be fun, I love my family! ♥


Ange ♥


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