It’s Wednesday again! My week looked like this:

1. On Friday, my mom & I made Chicken Bacon Ranch subs and they were incredible!! Not quite as good as Subway’s, but still amazing! We’re definitely going to make them again because they were a huge hit.

2. I think my grandma is moving out. Haha, she was supposed to come back on Monday, but she decided to spend another week at her house learning to do more stuff now that she has her cast & boot off. Well, I guess we’ll see what happens.

3. Speaking of grandparents, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew & niece went to New York to visit my mom’s family for the weekend. When they came back my 3 year old nephew kept imitating the way my grandpa walks (he has a prosthesis leg) and it was so cute!!

4. Ew! We went on vacation to Williamsburg, VA back in October of 2010 and we bought some ‘colonial chocolate’ or something. It was kind of gross. Anyway, my brother apparently saved it and broke it out a few days ago. Everyone was like ‘EW! MATT! That’s so old!!’ Hahaha, it was great. My brother enjoy saving food for some reason. He once saved a gummy bear because it was attached to another one.

5. Also over the weekend: my brothers, sister, and some friends went sledding (I didn’t go because I was busy making cupcakes) and came back with the most hilarious stories about how they “blacked-out” “got paralyzed” and “went through a thorn bush”. Well, my brother says he went through a thorn bush, but my sister, who was on the same sled, apparently did not go through it. And they didn’t seem to have any  injuries when they got back. But the stories gave me a good laugh!

6. I moved my other blog, Everyday Desserts, from WordPress over to Blogger. Be sure to start following me at my new URL:!

7.  Another thing that makes me say ‘EW’: cheeses. I’m a fan of some that are mild & soft like monterey jack, mozzarella, mild cheddar, etc. But others, like blue cheese or anything sharp, just makes me gag!! Hahaha.



Ange ♥


One thought on “wednesdays

  1. I love subs, yours sounded delicious. Glad to hear your Grandma is doing better and ready to be back on her own (soon). I like your new wordpress site and I’m with you on the cheeses 🙂

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