saturday + clothes

Today I have one of my favorite favorite articles of clothing (well, footwear really): boots! I wear boots basically everyday! I like them so much because they’re cute & versatile. You can wear them with virtually any outfit. You can dress outfits up or down with them. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Suede boots: I have a pair of these in black but I would love them in every color!! These are comfortable. And they are more dressy than Uggs, but still causal enough to wear to school, etc.

2. Ugg boots: Okay, definitely not the cutest option, but they are just way too comfortable to pass up!

3. High-heeled Boots: And last but not least, heeled boots. I’ve never owned a pair but I always try them on at the store because they’re just so cute! They’d be a great option for an event that you have to get more dressed up for.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to make some brownies with my nephew! 🙂



Ange ♥


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