It’s Wednesday again, take a peek at my week:

1. Joined Pinterest. Yes, I hopped on that bandwagon. It’s kind of addicting. Even more fun than Tumblr. Go follow me!!

2. Last week, I woke up really late. I don’t know why, but I really need to start getting up earlier. It’s kind of depressing. (I mean the waking up late is depressing cause then my days feel so short!)

3. My grandma left us a Keurig Coffee Maker and it’s amazing! Not a huge coffee drinker, but I can make hot (or iced!) tea or hot chocolate in like a minute. Amazing!

4. I made up a recipe this week! I’m kind of proud of myself. 🙂 It’s a pretty huge step. And it was super delicious.

5. Babysat my little niece on Friday! ……annnnd she peed on me. Nice, right? But other than that, she was absolutely precious and cute and cuddly! Love her so much.

6. I’m now a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher! Yay!

7. My 3 year old nephew & I were making to plans to take my mom’s car and drive to the Outer Banks. And do tons of fun stuff. Haha, I WISH. But, he’s so funny & cute. 🙂 Maybe when we’re a little older, haha!

8. All week long, I’ve been thinking of ways to decorate a nursery for when I’m married with kids… normal or nuts?



Ange ♥


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