It’s Wednesday again! My week was like thiiiiiiis:

1. I woke up late everyday last week and didn’t keep any kind of schedule, so this week I’m working on getting back into a routine. Getting more out of my days and getting more done!

2. Also this week; I had awful chest pains for 3 days! At first I thought that I might have broken a rib, but I’m pretty sure I just had a bad bruise. Not sure though – thankfully the pain has gone away!

3. Speaking of pain/illness/sickness/disease, I think one of our birds is sick. He just huddles himself up on the bottom of his cage and he breathes really loudly. We’re going to take him to the vet soon.

4. On Thursday, we had a family dinner and my brother and I made the tastiest meal ever! It was his version of Chicken Parmesan – fried, cubed chicken covered in cheese stirred into a giant bowl of pasta with sauce and more cheese. Oh and some mushrooms on the side. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while! My brother is an incredible cook and the whole experience was just fun. 🙂

5. On Friday I wore a bow in my hair and a few days later I clipped a bow onto my shirt. I like to steal take my 8-1/2 month-old niece’s hair accessories. Don’t worry! She’s very good at sharing!

6. My dad was reading off jokes to all of us on Saturday and he told one about contact lens that I really appreciated. But since I can’t quite remember it (I tried to tell some of my siblings and totally butchered it … not going there again …), I’ll tell another one: A man is concerned that his wife has a hearing problem, so he asks his doctor about it. The doctor tells him to perform a simple test – stand behind her and ask her a question from about 20 feet away, if there is no answer repeat from 10 feet away and finally, right behind her. So he goes home and sees his wife standing in front of the stove. He stands about 20 feet from her and asks ‘What’s for dinner?’ No answer. He moves forward about 10 feet and asks again ‘What’s for dinner?’ Once again, no answer. So finally he comes up right behind her and asks ‘What’s for dinner?’ She turns around and says ‘For the third time, chicken!!’ Hahahahahaha. (:

7. I slept with toothpaste smeared on my face. No I’m not weird. It helps with my acne. Okay, maybe a little weird.

8. I have amazing memory! I just thought I’d share.

9. Have you ever heard of a Ronald McDonald House? If not you can read all about them here. When my nephew was in the hospital, my brother & sister-in-law stayed in one of their Houses a few times so I really want to do all I can to help them out. This year I’m hoping to volunteer there – cook food, wait on tables, clean, do dishes, whatever needs doing.



Ange ♥


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