My week!

1. Last week we had such dreary weather… blah!

2. I woke up late all week long (ugh!) but I’m doing better this week!

3. On account of waking up late, I got almost nothing accomplished! Boo!

4. My brother & I are starting a 28-day challenge. For the next 4 weeks, I have to eat a small baked potato each day and he has to have a spoonful of peanut butter each day. He is convinced that if you eat a food you don’t like once a day, for 4 weeks straight, you’ll start liking it. I detest potatoes. He can’t stand peanut butter. Let’s see if this works… Oh boy. Haha.

5. I had a little stomach bug over the weekend which was a bummer because we finally had beautiful weather on Saturday!

6. I was forced to eat sharp cheddar cheese (which I hate!) a few days ago. My brothers enjoy forcing me to eat foods I don’t like. Haha.



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