This week I’m in the Outer Banks with two of my brothers & my dad. My dad’s friends own a beach house here and they are installing some new floors in it. I’m here to cook & do their laundry! But it’s been fun so far:

1. We had an 8-hour drive and surprisingly, I didn’t get carsick. At all! Which is pretty crazy, because I always get carsick.

2. My brother apparently likes to listen to Willie Nelson (!?) when driving. And my dad likes to sing along. But that part’s entertaining!

3. Also, the back bench of  a pick-up truck is not the ideal seat for an 8-hour drive. Just saying.

4. When we got here, we had a ton of stuff to unload.

5. Then my brother Matt & I had to rearrange some bedrooms. That was fun! I was cracking up the whole time, because for starters the frame was really difficult to unscrew. We kept joking that The Incredible Hulk had put it together. And then it was just really funny when we were moving them around because we bumped into everything.

6. And then, the not so fun part began: I got really sick to my stomach. And last night before I went to bed, I was still feeling pretty awful. Thankfully, I was feeling much better when I woke up this morning!

7. I couldn’t even eat my dinner. Except my drink was really good! I ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie and the waitress asked if I wanted that “virgin, or.. with some alcohol.” So apparently I look 21! Which is awesome. 🙂

8. This morning, I got out of bed & put on my robe and stepped out onto my deck (the deck door is about 1 foot from the bed!). And I just watched everything for a few minutes. It was relaxing.

9. And now, I have breakfast to make & books to read. Oh, and some weeding. My dad’s friend asked if I’d do some weeding. She’s paying me though, so it’s all good. (I detest weeding, who doesn’t?)

10. The pool isn’t open yet (bummer!), but hopefully we’ll get to go into the hot tub at least once. And play some pool. Tonight, maybe!

11. That is all for now, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good week, except for my bout of nausea.


Ange ♥


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