It’s been a pretty great week, let me break it down for you:

1. Thursday night, I headed over to my brother’s and decorated a massive cake with my sisters, brothers and some friends for my brother/nephew’s party. We then stayed up until like 2 a.m. partying. Seriously. Haha.

2. I headed home on Friday afternoon, and frosted 50 cupcakes, 60 cookies and baked 80 cookies. All for this party.

3. Saturday, we partied. It was great. So much food, so many people, so much fun. There was even a moon bounce! We also played a huge baseball game!

4. My cousin and I headed out (I drove!) and picked up some marshmallows which we roasted over a huge fire.

5. It was getting later so we went inside, ate pizza and watched the Phillies win (baseball season is back!).

6. I fell asleep on my aunt because I was super tired and feeling kind of sick. 😦

7. Overall, it was an incredible party! And all my desserts? They were finished in minutes. Seriously!

8. The only downside was that on Monday we had so. much. laundry. Because we hadn’t done it in like three days.

9. Also, yesterday, my mom played this vocabulary game with us and the winner got to choose what we had for dinner. I won. I choose dinner 🙂

10. Normally, I would’ve chosen pizza (I always appreciate a good pizza!), but I had a feeling that my mom meant something homemade, so instead we had Cheeseburger Buns, baked beans, and fruit salad. And it was tasty!!

11. I wore a flower in my hair yesterday 🙂 All our flowers are blooming, spring has officially sprung!!


Ange ♥


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