This week’s been a boring one. Not much has happened … Let’s see:

1. Dreary weather all week!

2. Going to go shopping with my sisters!

3. I might go out to dinner with some of my brothers.

4. I’m listening to One Direction songs over and over again, because they’re so good!! I recommend this song, and this song, and this one, and this one, and especially this! Go, go, go and listen! All of their songs are great, but those are my favorites! They really are just the greatest band (except for maybe Maroon 5 and U2) and, well, just look at them:

5. And Fly Over States by Jason Aldean. And I don’t even listen to country. Listen to it!

6. Last night I had Rita’s while watching the Phillies! I love baseball season and I love Rita’s 🙂 I got a Blendini – vanilla ice, chocolate custard & mini m&m’s. So, so, so good!

7. That’s it. Really. That’s all, nothing interesting. By the way, you can go right to the source of the picture just by clicking on it! 🙂


Ange ♥


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