Wow, it’s Wednesday! <— Lame, I know. Sorry, let’s just get down to it:

1. Went to the mall on Friday with my sister, sis in law, nephew and niece! It was fun. I drove 🙂

2. Some lady honked at me and passed while I was turning out of the parking lot. Settle down there! And some guy passed me on the way back. I was going the speed limit. He wasn’t.

3. At the mall, the guy at the pretzel said to me “Happy Mother’s Day! ….. If you’re a mother! Maybe you’re not, but it could still work!” Okay. That was kind of awkward. Haha.

4. We babysat my nephew and niece on Monday. 🙂

5. My brother lost control of his truck in the rain and slid into a tree! The truck was nearly totaled, but he made it out okay! Thankfully.

6. I made some awesome brownies on Monday night! Probably the best I’ve ever made. I can’t stop eating them.

7. I have also come to the conclusion that I would like to spend one day in my bed eating just pizza and brownies all day.

8. I always appreciate a good pizza! And good brownies.

9. I would need some kind of never ending stomach though, so that I wouldn’t gain weight or get full. That’d be great.

10. Now, I need to go take a shower. But I think …. I want some brownies.



Ange ♥


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