Looooook at my week:

1. I baked all day Friday and all of Saturday morning/afternoon. I made cookies, brownies, cheesecake and this crisp.

2. We went to a party at my brother’s house on Saturday night. It was interesting. Very, very interesting to say the least.

3. I finally shot a gun! Yes, at that party I fired a gun twice. It was awesome and I will hopefully be doing that again, very very soon.

4. I also held a bat signed by my very favorite baseball player. It was pure amazingness. Yes that is a word. Haha.

5. I played hockey out in the street with my brothers and their friends on Monday. Big mistake. First of all, apparently you’re supposed to wear something other than flip-flops on your feet? Yeah, I got smashed in the foot with a stick and called it quits. Hockey is not for me.

6. However, baseball is. There’s this field about a block from our house where we play pretty frequently. Yesterday we were down there and I smashed a ball. It was great. Definitely going to be playing a lot of baseball this summer!

7. At some point this month, my mom & I are supposed to have a meeting with an adviser at the college I’m hoping to go to. So so excited for that!! 🙂

8. My dad’s cousin, my uncle and my brother and nephew came over for dinner last night. My uncle brought my dad’s yearbook from high school that he found in my grandma’s attic. Apparently my dad used to tap dance. It was hilarious.

9. And I would now like some pizzzzza. I always crave pizza. Even when I’m full. Weird.


Ange ♥


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