Hey guys. My week’s been kinda boring, but I’ll fill you in anyway!

1. My grandma, aunt and 2 cousins are coming over on Saturday to spend the day. Should be fun!

2. Also, we’re babysitting my nephew & niece that day because my brother & sister-in-law are going to a charity bike race event thingy.

3. I just made some brownies. Annnnd they smell phenom!!

4. I completely redid my blog – new theme & header and all, a few days ago. But then I changed it all back cause I didn’t like it. My sister was kind of mad (she had designed the new header).

5. I think I need to hire someone to design my blog for me. Like, someone professional.

6. Also, I’m going to completely redo my Recipes page. I’m not going to change that one back though. It’s going to be awesome, and way easier to navigate!

7. I can’t think of a thing to write cause I’m that boring.

8. Oh, wait. I really really like this song right now. And this one.

9. Welll, that’s it. I’m gonna go see what’s for dinner. Bye! 🙂



Ange ♥


3 thoughts on “wednesdays

  1. Hey Ange! 🙂

    How do you make a good theme and header? I have a blog…for both food and ‘ramblings’ and I can’t get it figured out. I just have standerd ones, ones that are from blogger. grrr.
    Hope to hear from ya soon. 🙂

  2. Ugh! I accidentally linked you to the wrong blog,lol.
    Click my name on THIS comment to get the right one. 😛
    I really enjoyed all your blogs. ~Thanks!
    ~E ❤

    • Well, this blog is a WordPress blog (not Blogspot/Blogger) and they have a lot more themes to choose from! But for my other blog, I just did a Google search ‘free blogger themes’ and you can find lots of stuff! Also, Rachel made my header for me – she just saved a picture onto my computer and edited it for me! Let me know if you need any other help!

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