Helllllo, how is your Wednesday morning?

1. My sister-in-law and I are starting this workout called Insanity because we really need to get in shape! We’re going on vacation in September and we need to be bathing suit ready!

2. Sooo, hopefully this week I’m gonna go get some new workout clothes!

3. I made some frozen lemonade yesterday and it was tasty!

4. I had an awesome weekend with my family! Love them to pieces 🙂

5. My cousins are spending the week with us next week. Oh boy.

6. I’ve planned out all things I’m going to bake for the next few weeks. Now I  just need to go grocery shopping!

7. I want pizza. In a really bad way. Ahhh.

8. Or a Nature’s Valley Oats ‘n’ Dark Chocolate Bar. I don’t know if you’ve ever had them, but they’re AMAZING!

9. I’m basically always thinking about food all the time. Hence, number 1. Hahaha.

10. That’s allll. Quite a boring week.


Ange ♥


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