Hey, hey! How is your week going??

1. A Subway just opened up down the block from us and I can’t wait to go! I love Subway and I am definitely looking forward to a nice Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich!

2. My dad & two of my brothers were working at the shore this week, so it’s been a quiet couple of days around here. They’re coming home today and everything will be returning to normal! Haha.

3. I actually think ….. I just might………. kinda, sorta like working out!

4. I know that’s crazy!! I really don’t like it while I’m actually exercising. But beforehand, I’m really pumped & motivated, and afterwords, I feel so accomplished. Maybe I should say, I like the before & after feelings. 🙂

5. Completely just realized that today is the 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!!

6. That reminds me, I think I’m supposed to hang out with some friends today to see the fireworks. Looking forward to that!!

7. We have new neighbors! I met one of them on Monday and he was very nice. I think I’ll bring them some cupcakes.

8. Annnnnnd, that’s about all for now. Have a lovely week guys. 🙂



Ange ♥


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