‘Elllllllo, how’s it going!? I just figured I say that, since I always start with ‘Hi!’ or ‘Hey everyone!’. Haha. Just needed to change it up! Here’s what’s going on over here!

1. I love pizza. So much so that I feel like I should start every Wednesdays post with ‘I love pizza’. Just kidding. That would get boring.

2. Anyway, my sister & her friend ordered a pizza for lunch yesterday. And offered me some. And I had to turn it down! Because I’m crazy trying to eat more healthily. But anyway, it was really hard. But I didn’t take it! I stayed strong! Ha.

3. You know how I’ve been working out like crazy lately? Today is Day 3 of my Recovery Week which has been lovely! Nice little change of pace. And a nice little break. I’m kind of pumped to start Month 2.

4. My grandma and cousin are coming over today! I’m trying to decide if I should make them cookies or truffles? Or maybe both? Hmm…. decisions, decisions.

5. I made this frosty drink a few days ago. And it was tasty 🙂

6. I also went to Subway last week! It was amazing and delicious and amazingly delicious as always.

7. A Chicken Bacon Ranch sub from Subway is my second favorite food. It has to be on flat bread with lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese and it has to be grilled. By the way, pizza is my favorite food. Obviously.

8. Saturday was my little brother’s birthday! He turned 13. Can not believe he is a teenager. I made him cookies! His favorite.

9. Also I babysat my nephew & niece on Saturday morning! And then I went shopping with my mom & sister to get some stuff for the birthday boy. Haha.

10. Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got breakfast to eat, birds to feed (yeah, we have 3 birds), a workout to do, and desserts to make! Catch ya later! Have an awesome day 🙂


Ange ♥


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