Hello! What’s happening my lovely readers? Here’s what’s going on with me!

1. I held the most cuddly baby ever on Sunday! My sister in law was babysitting him and she brought him over. And ahh! I held for about 2 hours, and he was so soft, warm & cuddly! Seriously a cutie pie. 🙂

2. I started the second month of my workout program …… I . want . month . one . back . NOW! Please!?? Augh! It’s so unbelievably difficult, it’s unreal.

3. I keep telling myself that I’ve got this, but I don’t really think I do. Haha.

4. My sister introduced me to the most beautiful & perfect song I have basically ever heard. I will share next Tuesday.

5. This is my last week of posting on this blog. I’m going to move it all over to my main blog and I’m just going to post on Saturdays. It’s getting to be a bit much to keep up with and I’m starting school soon. I’ll be posting each Saturday and I’ll alternate between fitness, music, clothes, quotes, etc!

6. I finally made cinnamon rolls!! And they were amazing. I looooooove cinnamon rolls so much.

7. I really want to go see Coldplay in concert. And Taylor Swift. Cause she’s the bomb dot com.

8. That’s all folks. See you over at my main blog! Maybe…



Ange ♥


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