Hi! My name is Angelyn and I blog over @ Everyday Desserts! I’m 16 and I live in Pennsylvania.

I started this page to blog about all things non-food-related. Welcome to my crazy world! I’ll share stuff that I find funny. I’ll also post about music & clothes – two things I heart! Tuesdays, I’ll post about my current favorite song; Wednesdays, I’ll post about tidbits about my week, funny or not; & on Saturdays, I’ll post an ‘outfit of the week’ (or maybe just an article of clothing of the week, haha). I will also post random stuff in between, maybe pictures or quotes, or just anything that I enjoy. I laugh all the time at anything & everything. This blog is my way of trying to make others laugh or just be a happier person in general. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

I enjoy baking, blogging, reading, photography, walking, life, love, family & being an aunt; I’m a Christian and I trust fully in God. ♥

Email me! xxangelyn95xx@aol.com


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